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Pic Of 12 Year Old Girls Wear Thongs I Am A 12 Almost 13 Year Old Girl. Any Simple But Noticeable Make Up Ideas?

I am a 12 almost 13 year old girl. Any simple but noticeable make up ideas? - pic of 12 year old girls wear thongs

I want to wear makeup and my mother says, the good, but I need a simple look a little odd that no visible and obvious, but quite ok thank you a photo appericated


Mia R said...

What I would do is, 2 important things, mascara and eye shadow light
but not both at the time it is when your white / golden skin try a purple eyeshadow and pearls, her new look and fun when Tanedo, a beautiful bright green color seems to be good or the color of gold, and if their or dark blue would be good Siler (Cover Girl has the best eye shadow!) and I actually prefer clear mascara mascara (Cover Girl) because of their youth and ruin your real eyelashes mascara cover girl and is much smoother and more full, but fine if you the ability to use mascara want, but I would be dark brown, so it does not look, I hope it was useful! =)

lillii_s... said...

I would just like a liquid foundation subtle use (never go with orange-tinted shadows, always go a little lighter or darker than your skin tone.) And a touch of Pink Blush Pink Glitter. A small amount of eyeliner.
black in the lower eyelid
brown or dark gray or silver from the lower eyelid to its range.
I move a large eye shadow, maybe a light pink or gold or silver.
Forgot obvioualy not one or two coats of mascara and eyelash curling or sweeping definng lip gloss, clear (or pink)
and your done!

Lauren said...

As I am that age, I have to use clear mascara .. is by Cover Girl and Maybelline. There is a pleasant appearance of your lashes, but does not even seem to have the makeup to the eyelashes. Another thing is that it is unlucky black eyeliner. If you have brown eyes, and even if you do not brown eyeliner is less dramatic than black and straight. I think we even have sweet black if you're not in Brown ... less intense, and if you do not want to use clear mascara, I think they are too soft, black. I would not be too heavy on the makeup on his face, but it makes you look really natural. = Eyeshadow using a light bronze, brown, or brown or pink, because it is not entirely clear. Of course, sees this kind of makeup. Good luck!

antoinet... said...

Hey! In general, the aspect that we give UNMIS liters of mascara and eyeliner pounds ...

brown eyeliner (spotting, to reduce the appearance)
Gold eye shadow (in the lid of the fold)
Sparkling eye shadow, almost white or pink (sprinkled in the corners, also known as tear ducts to open eyes known)
curly eyelashes (with eyelash curlers)
or brown-black mascara (in the upper and lower lashes)
Lip gloss pink and peach
natural looking flush

I want to help and have fun with makeup!

Elise ' said...

You can only use a few simple black mascara here ...
It is obvious, but always a revelation.

And some slight redness ...
There is a little color in his cheeks.

And some cute lipgloss ...

Hope this helps!

♥l我爱她 ♥ said...

OK, I have a cute idea .. gold eyeshadow ... Golden Wave
Simply the lid slightly UR ..

and here are some pretty lip gloss lip gloss is transparent and was presumed innocent pink ... Juicy Melon

and perhaps bronzer on the forehead of the Uruguay Round and the peak noise and shoot cheecks UR innocence ...

Adi... said...

I think the lip gloss, mascara and a little shade conjunctivitis helps you stand out.
This is what I have my lip 2 Gloss last longer
n Use a lip balm, lip gloss then Ur ....
This makes the lip gloss "best" and will help more than 2 times

U n getin crazy if you win - any shade of blue eye shadow that I see .... I gr8 n dat its many gadgets ... Trust me on DAT

azndoll said...

IU is likely to base their skin is still clear and still young.
I really recommend lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara and maybe think there should be sufficient.

Soph G said...

I think the lip gloss, with a pleasant taste;)
Perhaps in the night eyeliner and eyeshadow.
Blush is good only for emphasis.

I hope I have helped

mmmm said...

I am 13 years old and have just startd makeup. I Masara, eye shadow, without shame, lip gloss and concealer.

Luke said...

I think the lipstick is great for a girl your age. I have a 7-girl, two years and left my lipstick carry.

starrond... said...

Mascara and lip gloss! It is all what every woman should be beautiful and sexy, without overboard! Girlee good luck:)

M4L0R13 J4YN3™ said...

Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss & &.

thats what i take ..
I'm the same age, but
Juss a little more. (:

¨^¨ i LoVe GoD!!! ¨^¨ said...

Eyeshadow a little maybe just a glimmer, not really in a dark place
Lip Gloss

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